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Hypnosis galway

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  • Street: Kiltullagh Glenamaddy
  • City: Glenamaddy
  • Zip/Postal Code: 000
  • Tel: 0949659966
  • Mobile: 0860675433
  • Website: http://www.motivatehypnosis.com
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness induced by suggestion; it is a non-addictive power for good and a natural manifestation of the mind at work. It can be best described an as a trance like state and everybody has the ability to go into a trance. Every day people slip into natural trance states when they become absorbed in watching television, reading a book, daydreaming or driving their car when they suddenly realise that they have missed their exit. When we go to sleep at night the brain wave activity in that grey area just before actually falling off to sleep, is virtually identical to what it is in hypnosis. If you awake naturally in the morning you will find that you’ll come through that same brain wave activity again, so certainly we are not asking your mind to go somewhere it has not gone before.
  2. What is Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnosis itself is not a therapy, rather a therapy is conducted in hypnosis which is called hypnotherapy. In hypnotherapy, we use the power of your own mind to help you. Hypnosis is the key that unlocks the door to that power-house of thoughts, memories and emotions, namely the sub-conscious mind thereby giving access and power to use your brains own bio-computer.
  3. What is Required of You to Experience Hypnosis?
    It is simply a matter of you allowing the hypnotherapist to be a guide who helps you to create a simply natural normal state of mind so that you can accomplish the goals that you have come seeking help for. You might think of being up in the mountains and wanting to find a beautiful lake. You really wanted to go there, but you really did not know how to find it, so you went to a guide. They gave you specific directions: You head down the hill, you turn left at the tree, right at the lough and you will be there. If you will follow those directions, there is absolutely nothing in the world to keep you from reaching that lake easily and directly. However, if you for some reason decide not to follow those instructions there is nothing the guide can do. They can’t drag you to the lake., The same is really true in experiencing hypnosis, your therapist will give you specific easy to follow directions. If you follow them exactly as they are given to you, there is nothing in the world to stop you from reaching that relaxing state of mind, easily and comfortably. It’s like the guide in the mountains, it is your job to follow their instructions, and they are very easy to follow. On rare occasions an individual may need a little more time and a little more practice for them to reach the state of hypnosis. What might be causing that generally, is hanging on to a little bit of fear. Usually the fear of loss of control, it is a misunderstanding, because actually hypnotherapy offers much greater control for you in your life. You might not be aware of the full benefits that hypnotherapy can offer and Billy will be glad to discuss this with you and answer any further questions that you might have.
  4. Two of the Most Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis:
    The first one is that you will not be able to hear in the room what is going on around you or that you will not be aware of what is happening. Actually your hearing is more acute during hypnosis than at any other time, you might well hear sounds from the other room, or outside the building itself. You will be completely and totally aware of what is going on.
    Another common misconception about hypnosis is the idea that you will not be in control of what you might say or do when hypnotised. This is a common myth that I think has its origins in the entertainment world of hypnosis. In the entertainment setting the people who volunteer, want to take part in the show. They know they are going to be asked to do a wide variety of crazy things and they want to experience it. All the hypnotist does is release their inhibitions.
    When somebody comes to a hypnotherapist seeking help for a particular issue in their life, the contract is entirely different and if any suggestions were made that were not in keeping with that goal they would not be responded to at all. A person in hypnosis is in complete control and they would immediately be shocked out of the hypnotic state if anything were suggested to them that was against their will or nature.
  5. What to look for when choosing a Hypnotherapist:
    There are many individuals today who claim to be qualified hypnotherapists. Unfurnately the Government have yet to introduce proper legislation around who can claim to be a Hypnotherapist.There are those who train over a few weekend courses and claim to be qualified. Be aware of these individuals.
  6. Things to be aware of when choosing a hypnotherapist / Therapist to avoid:
    Those operating out of Hotels on random weekends charging exorbitant fees.(Average fee should be in the region of €50 – €60 per session) These may vary with smoking cessation maximum charge €150.00.
    When checking out your hypnotherapist look for membership of a reconigised organiasation such as I.A.C.P-P.G.A.
    Check out the training of the therapist and look for Certificates and most importantly registration and insurances.
    It would also be advisable to avoid reading the testimonials of the therapists unless they include the name and number of the individual who wrote them. Often these are written by the therapist themselves so can be misleading.
  7. Length of the therapy:
    Smoking Cessation
    One session Length 90 minutes – cost €120.00
    Two sessions each session 60 minutes duration – total cost €140.00 for two sessions
    Weight loss
    4 sessions duration 60 minutes per session – cost €240.00 (€60 Per session)
    Fears / Phobias
    Minimum of 2 sessions maximum 4 sessions. 60 minutes per session – cost €60.00 per session
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