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Auras by Catherine Campbell

| Therapy Information | 10/07/2012

The human Aura is made up of an electromagnetic energy, light and vibration.

When learning to see Auras, keep in mind that you are seeing through your own aura to others auras. As you become accustomed to seeing auras you will become more adept as to the meaning, colour, shapes and shades. Most people have a strong colour particular only to them, to their auras, with other colours wafting in and out. Which is how we can see what gifts somebody has by looking at them.

This light shines from within the body out, it can be a few inches, to a few feet above, below and around the human body, depending on the individual.

I call this light ‘The Light of the Soul’ This light comes from our Chakras, the spiritual centers within our body.

These vortices of energy, light and vibration can be seen and felt, as can the Aura.

The Aura like the Chakras are based on the rainbow colours and their mixtures, hues and shades.

The main colours are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Pink, Blue, Indigo and Violet. There are many and numerous shades in between. White being the whole spectrum of colour and Black being an absence of colour.

The healthier and happier we are the brighter and more vibrant the aura.

Every thought we have changes the aura, thought creates, we are what we think, this point is definitely proved when seeing the aura.

The Auric Field

It is generally believed that the human aura has seven major levels. The physical and etheric levels extend about six inches to a foot from the physical body. The emotional auric levels extend about two feet from the body and incorporate the physical and etheric levels. The mental, archetypical, and spiritual auras extent approximately three feet from the body and incorporate the other levels.

The archetypal aura contains the map of our destiny. It is like a template, things you must do. In your growth you need to learn something. You are given as many experiences as you need to learn that. It can be one or a hundred, all the same to the template. It’s like going home – you can go many ways and have many experiences, but you get home, and thus satisfy your template.

When reflected outside of us, we see the archetypes as the pantheon of gods. When internalised, these archetypes are the angels of destiny, the gods that dwell inside us. As life-long learning, our destiny is synonymous with our Soul’s curriculum. We came into physical life with an internal, archetypical lesson plan. The archetypical level is in our subconscious.

The spiritual aura reflects our transcendent nature into our psychological, social, and physical realities. It reflects and responds to the balance and alignment of all levels. The balancing energy acts as wholeness and moves through the chakras and levels as a process of breathing. Each of the other levels provides a conduit for spiritual energy. As the aura becomes balanced, the spiritual level becomes more evident.

Through our mental aura and mentality, we construct our relationship to our destiny, karma, and inner life; reflects our beliefs, concepts, and attitudes.

Though feelings and emotions are often keys to our beliefs, our mental activity decides what we will build as our internal structure, and how we project ourselves into life. We shape our reality with our minds.

Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our associative ability through which we internalise and develop our integrative learning and personality.

This level also reflects the constraints that divide us from and within ourselves and from each other. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level.

The emotional aura carries the artefacts of our feelings and emotional reactions and actions; registers our fulfilment and longs for peace; reflects our warmth, devotion, and what we care about.

Emotions give rise to our beliefs and judgments and the impetus to pursue our vision. The emotional aura reflects an aspect of our dharma or causal body (the force that determines and sets causation into our lives).

It is balanced through powerful, universally oriented, non-manipulative, unconditional loving. It is the source of our drive for power and dominance, and powers our adversarial and competitive nature.

The emotional aura is also the source of passion and the total embracing, loving heart that heals and forgives. It is our peacemaker.

The imaginal aura is the medium through which we create and transform our circumstances. This aura can be developed as a function of perception or inner-seeing and creativity. Intention, positive self-image, visual learning, visualization and healing, manifestation and success are generated and reflected in this level.

Use integrative, it is a power force for connecting, integrating, and aligning all levels. Used dissociatively, the imaginal level can be devastating. Delusions and obsessions are generated through and reflected in this auric level.

It is affected by drugs that create forms in the aura that are disconnected from the authentic processes of creativity. Drugs disconnect you from the ability to complete, fulfil, or enhance the soul’s purposes.

They effectively help us avoid life and the challenges and rewards that our soul is destined to fulfill.

The etheric aura is a blueprint or archetype for the physical body. Meridians and chakras appear in this formation.

The etheric body or double acts as a template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in chi-gung as meridians that transmit chi to the body.

Balance and alignment of the aura affect the meridians and their functioning. The meridians interact with the organs and the chakras interact with the endocrine system and nerves.

The physical aura reflects physical trauma, cell memory, physical health, and somatogenic beliefs and emotions. It penetrates the physical and etheric bodies and reflects the state of the energy fields.

In balance, it can accommodate enhanced forces deeper in the psyche.

What The Colours Mean? Each colour and layer of the Aura has a different meaning. The colours of a healthy aura mingle and blend into each other. Remember every thought we have reflects in the Aura.

Spiritual attainment, divine connection, mystical understanding, cosmic consciousness.

Inspired thought or deep wisdom. Can show spirituality and devotional nature. Artistic and harmonious with nature. Self-mastery.

Strong mental powers, intelligence, logical thinking. Clear blue shows intuitive capabilities; “out of the blue.” Dark shades show over analytic, suspicious nature or visionary mentality.

Balance, harmony, healing, the calming force. Clear green shows adaptability, versatility. Dark shades are deceitful, jealous; “green with envy.”

Love and kindness, compassion, optimism; “breath of life.” Dark, lifeless yellow shows suspicion, covetousness.

Energy and health, physical vitality, dynamic force. Pride can result from an excess of orange in the aura. Dark or cloudy orange shows low intellect.

Physical life, vitality, ambition, sexual power. Dark or cloudy red shows violent or passionate tendencies; “red with rage” is seen as red sparks in the aura.

Other Colours

Lust, lower passions, materialism.

Rose Pink
Selfless love, gentleness, modesty.

Avarice, selfishness.

Higher self, good qualities, harmony.

Versatility, High energy, constant change.

Depression, low energy, fear.

Sinister, malice, depression, unawareness, not such a nice intent.

How to see An Aura

To see an Aura, ask a friend to sit with their eyes closed opposite you. You keep your vision on their third eye, at first you will see a light appear around their body, then as you become accustomed to this light, other colors and shades will appear. As will spirit beings, guides, family and helpers of the person you are looking at, also become visible to you. Never be alarmed by these presences, they are always there, you are just new to seeing them.


Catherine Campbell


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