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About Philip Sutcliffe

Philip Sutcliffe is a Psychic Medium.
I see people daily for private Tarot Life Readings and/or Mediumship Readings.

Distant readings work the same as if in person, as my clients from the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe can attest to via my Skype name

I also teach my clients EFT and Healing.

For Astrological Birth Charts please contact me philip@wholespectrumhealing.com

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Philip Sutcliffe


Philip Sutcliffe

Philip Sutcliffe is a Psychic Medium. He works from his home with his wife the Spiritual Healer Catherine Campbell, together they run The Whole Spectrum Heal...


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| Therapy Information | 10/07/2012

It is not so long ago that I can’t remember clearly how cynical and disbelieving I was when it came to the subject of Mediumship. In fact, in terms of spiritual phenomena, this is where I drew the line, in terms of credulity. And now it seems to me strange that I did not recognise a number of events in my life, as pertaining to, and even demonstrating the subject. I am certain that with a bit of help many people can find situations in their past experience that can only be explained by throwing open the gates of purely objective reasoning, to allow that objectivism is essentially self-limiting. The framework of the 5 senses is a very narrow keyhole through which to acknowledge the world. And that is what consciousness essentially is. This is what Shakespeare alluded to when Hamlet (who was interrupted talking to his father’s Ghost) to horatio uttered:

Swear by my sword
Never to speak of this that you have heard.
[Beneath] Swear by his sword.

Well said, old mole, canst work i’ th’ earth so fast?
A worthy pioneer! Once more remove, good friends.

O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet Act 1, scene 5, 159–167

Horatio, rationality personified, is still having a hard time swallowing the whole business of Ghosts. Not the sort of beings his approach easily takes into account. Horatio is, like Hamlet, a student at the University of Wittenberg, a notable outpost of Protestant humanism. The philosophy he studies there is probably classical—a compound of ethics, logic, and natural science. The emphasis on everyday phenomena pretty much excludes speculation about talking ghosts.
And things have not moved that far since Shakespeare penned “Hamlet”


Philip Sutcliffe



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A personal perspective on Healing and Spirit by Catherine Campbell

| Therapy Information | 10/07/2012

We are not healers as such, but channels for spiritual healing energy. We all have this ability to heal ourselves and others. It would seem that some people have an innate ability to heal and are very aware of it.

Speaking for myself, I have known from a very young age that I could heal others. I assumed that everyone was doing this, I also assumed everyone could see what I could see, and I assumed everyone else knew what I instinctively knew.

To explain this, I could always see auras, so knew what people were actually like, what they were good at, open, honest, artistic, intelligent, seekers, bright outgoing cheerful people, I could also see who was depressed lonely, sad, struggling with life, inhibited, dishonest, and or addictive.

I could see in a persons aura where they had a problem in their body, aches pains, illness and disease all show in the aura, I would feel not only thoughts and emotions in my own body, but also aches and pains etc from someone I was near or thinking of.

I trained myself to fine tune this ability to understand everything through my own body.

I also learned that every illness and disease has a different feeling, I kept notes on everything I was feeling and learned by trial and error what feelings were which illness, for example with cancer I get a cramp like feeling in my hands and the relevant point of my body.

With MS I get a tingling down one leg and up the opposite side of my head. Every illness and disease has a very distinct feel in my own body.

I discovered through training what I was seeing as the spiritual centres of the body ‘The Chakras’ and knew that if these energy vortices of light and colour were closed, blocked or reversed then that part of the person was in trouble and needed to be cleared and open for healing to take place.

Being a psychologist as well as a spiritual healer helped me to understand people as a whole being.

When I receive a call from a client for an appointment, I instinctively go into a mode of tuning in, I don’t actually do this consciously, it just happens, the same thing happens when someone is mentioned by name,

I instinctively know the problems they are having and why. This is not the case with every healer, there are a lot of healers who cannot see auras and have no other psychic abilities, why I have them, I have no idea. So to explain to you how I work, as I said as soon as I get a call, I tune in and have a fair idea what is going on.

When the client arrives, I don’t require any information from them, other than their name address etc on an index card for me to keep a record for my own benefit.

I firstly go through the chakra system, seeing what is open, blocked, closed or reversed or even what is spinning to fast or too open.

This gives me a very clear picture as to the state of their health, their mind and their spirit, as in MIND; BODY; SPIRT; healing is Holistic it deals with the person as a whole.

I firstly realign all the chakras, opening and getting them to open and spin at the same speed. I then go through the whole body along the meridian lines, this is the first time I actually touch the person, this is called chelation.

Whilst doing all this I am tuning into my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, twinges, aches and pains etc and know that everything I am feeling is from my patient. I also get vivid images and a knowing, as if what happened to the person under my hands actually happened to me.

There is never any doubt within me that what I am picking up is anything but true, it is reality, a strange reality for most people but very real and normal to me. When I began this work,

I trained myself to step out and allow myself to be used as a channel for this healing energy to come through me, and also to allow information to pour into me, now this actually happens without my having to do anything.

When energy is being channelled through me to a patient I feel a gush of what feels like warm water coming in through the top of my head and coming down my arms and through my hands to the patient, the patient feels it like warmth, tingling, heat and movement within their body.

I have discovered that no matter where the problem is this healing energy travels to the needed area of the body. I can actually see this energy move through a patients body, always surprising me, it seems to have a mind of it’s own, but then I quickly realize that this is not my doing,

I am only the channel, spiritual help and healing knows where the energy needs to go far better than I do.

Don’t think that spiritual healing is anything to do with Religion or Faith, it is spiritual and we are all spiritual beings within human bodies, our higher selves are spirit, we are all one, all from the one source, God,

The holy Spirit, One being, call it what you will, which is why spiritual healing is so effective, we are one being.

I hope this gives you some idea what spiritual healing is all about. I can tell you that for most of my life I have known what I have and when I realised that I was the unusual one, it was quite a shock.

But there wasn’t anything I could do about this powerful force other than use it to help others, it is stronger and more powerful than me.

To be an ordinary psychologist would have been a very boring job compared to this.


Catherine Campbell


A personal perspective on Healing and Spirit by Catherine Campbell 5.00/5 (100.00%) 4 votes

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Tarot Life Readings by Philip Sutcliffe

| Therapy Information | 10/07/2012

Tarot and the Life Reading Tarot is an extraordinary pattern of seeing that goes beyond the normal boundaries of our conscious perceptions.

As we move beyond the merely “physically aware”, time becomes less of a fact of life as we ordinarily know it, and more of an abstract concept

It is much easier to be flexible with concepts and ideas than it is to to try to “adjust” what seems to us to be accepted fact.

So time becomes more of a variable in Tarot, simply to use to get a view of trends and choices to be made.

So consequently Tarot allows me to perceive things forward and backward in time, in pursuit of healing and beneficial comments for my client.

All true Tarot reading is healing.

The extra advantage for my client is that this channelled higher wisdom and advice (to the life in particular and life in general) is revealed, which is specifically for the client’s highest purpose and aims for the only progress in life that matters: Spiritual Growth

In my life with Tarot, I have found it to be consistently accurate, I never ask my clients about themselves. Tarot gives me everything I need to a highly remarkable and accurate degree.

Not everyone can make it to Gorey in Co. Wexford, so the telephone is a useful way to bridge the distance.

This is not a Premium Line pay scheme which can be of dubious real value because they are basically commerce and you cannot determine ahead of time who you are really speaking to.


Philip Sutcliffe

Call (+353) 0539480519 or email me at philip@wholespectrumhealing.com to book an appointment with me.
Philip’s Skype name wholespectrumhealing

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