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About Spiritualrays

Hello, my name is Yvonne and I am delighted to introduce myself to you.  My spiritual journey started long before I was born into this life.  My Spiritual interests were re-awakened back in the early 1990s when due to a traumatic event in my life I began my earnest search for healing and peace of mind. 

This search led me initially to Reiki – a spiritual healing therapy, Reiki brought me the healing, peace and tranquility my soul was yearning for at that time.  Over a number of years I was drawn to deepen this spiritual connection and so I qualified as a Tera Mai Reiki Master/Teacher.  I provide Reiki Treatments and teach all levels of Reiki Healing. 
Book a Reiki Treatment or Register for a Reiki Workshop here

Having witnessed firsthand the profound changes which Reiki brought about in my life, I naturally developed a wider interest in the benefits which other complimentary therapies could add to my life, and those of my clients.  I studied many therapies and hold the following qualifications:-

     Tera-Mai Reiki Master/Teacher
     Advanced Pranic Healer
     Diploma in Holistic Massage (I.T.E.C)
     Angel & Ascension Teacher (Diana Cooper School
     Authentic Indian Head Massage (I.H.I.Dip)
     Master of Integrated Energy Therapy
     NLP Master Practitioner & Coach
     Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (I.C.H.P.)
     Certificate in Past Life Regression (TASSO)(I.C.H.P)

I am very proud to say that my healing work has helped people overcome their health difficulties.  I have observed, however, that “Stress” and how it manifests as various illnesses/dis-eases in the human body is one of the biggest issues which needs to be tackled, in order to dramatically improve the overall health and wellbeing of the nation.  Stress can emanate from many sources, and so in order to understand this more I was drawn to study NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro Linguistic Programming explores the relationship between how we think (Neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) both verbally and non-verbally, and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programming).


Regardless of the treatment you choose you will receive the benefits of my varied and extensive holistic knowledge and general life experience which I have accumulated over many years.

My Life Mission is

 " To empower others with the skills to make powerful positive changes in their lives".


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Spiritual Group – Making Positive Changes!

| Therapy Information | 13/07/2012

A new year, with all the new year resolutions that each brings! I am sure you have made some resolutions as I have and do each year. I do hope that 2012 is a year where all your resolutions happen!

We start each year determined to make positive changes in our lives and unfortunately, for some, life events overtake our intentions and we get back on the treadmill of everyday tasks and before we know it, it’s nearly Christmas again! Well maybe next year?.?

If this sounds familiar then it’s time to shout STOP!!! COMMIT TO 2012 BEING DIFFERENT!

A wareness is STEP 1 in the process of making positive change in your life!
C ommitment is STEP 2 in making change happen.
T enacity is STEP 3 in process.

Are you willing to ACT in 2012 and start to live the life you really want?

Well, if you answered yes to this question, then allow me to assist you achieve it!

CHANGE is your choice to ACT differently - or – simply MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES!

Beneficial change brings contentment, happiness and improved wellbeing to you. While most changes are noticed on a physical level, all change incorporates both personal & spiritual elements.

Personal Development & Spiritual Development are intrinsically linked….Personal Development is the material change and Spiritual is more to do with the inner change in person!

What do I mean by Spiritual? Well to me it includes the following:-

1) Deep connections with others

2) Seeking wisdom

3) Striving for growth

4) Drawing closer to a higher power or nature

5) Tolerance and forgiveness of others

Deep connections with others

When we think of someone who is really spiritual, we might picture a man meditating in a cave, completely isolated from his fellows. In real life, we get deep meaning from our interactions with others. All of the great spiritual teachers would agree with this–for example, take Jesus, Ghandi, or Mother Teresa. All of them advocated working with others, even the sick and suffering. In particular, helping others is critical, as is carrying a message of hope to them. While many will attach religious connotations to this, it simply isn’t necessary, because we connect with others at a human level. In other words, keep it simple and just reach out and offer help. Most people would agree that those living a spiritual life connect with others in a helpful, meaningful way.

Seeking wisdom

Seeking wisdom implies that a person is on the path to wisdom. They have some wisdom; they are seeking to gain more. This is not a mad rush for knowledge. Instead, the idea of seeking wisdom is about making genuine growth and gaining real insight into our lives.

Striving for growth

Spirituality is growth. This speaks of discipline; of demanding progress of ourselves. The great spiritual leaders always pushed themselves. If you want to feel like you are living the best life that you can, then you will need to push yourself in much the same way.

Drawing closer to a higher power or nature

Whatever your source of strength is, drawing closer to it will only make you stronger. This is because your connection with a higher power is an internal mechanism–something that you have control over and can develop and cultivate.

Tolerance and forgiveness of others

Someone who is living a spiritual life does not hold deep grudges and resentments against others. They do not harbor anger in this way. Instead, we need tolerance and patience with others, and this comes from a genuine humility–knowing that we have probably acted out in the same way that others might be doing. We forgive ourselves and others around us. We hold our own behavior to a high standard, and grant leniency to others who are trying to grow.

As a Spiritual Teacher and professionally trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Life Coach I have a deep desire to help others to make POSITIVE & LASTING CHANGES IN THEIR LIVES!

I am starting weekly group meetings where I will assst you and others to make your positive and lasting change happen! 2012 is a year of CHANGE IN MANY WAYS not least in relation to spiritual awareness and raising human consciousness. So, make 2012 YOUR Year of CHANGE!

Group meetings will take place

Venue:- Spiritual Rays Holistic Centre
Address:- Chapel Gate Balbriggan
Date: Tuesday 11am -1pm & 7pm -9pm
Commencing:- 24th July 2012
Cost: €15 pp/weekly

Book your place by phoning Yvonne on 0877641818 or email info@spiritualrays.com.
10 places only available.

If you miss the start you can still join us at any later time, just phone above number.


Yvonne at Spiritual Rays Holistic Centre.

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