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| Therapy Information | 04/07/2012


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the SCIENCE of movement and the key to restoring health and well being. Kinesiology is an alternative therapy and has its roots in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and chiropractic methods. It incorporates techniques such as acupressure and meridian balancing, gentle structural manipulation, massage and nutrition. Kinesiology works to balance all systems of the body and can help with any health issue whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Kinesiology assesses the health of a client via a muscle response test. This is a gentle test which detects stresses and imbalances in the four areas of the body’s systems:

CHEMICAL: (e.g. nutrition, hormones, pH balance, metabolism, immune response)
STRUCTURAL: (e.g. bones, muscles, tissues)
EMOTIONAL: (e.g. stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma)
ELECTROMAGNETIC: (e.g. hydration, energy levels, energy fields)

In the Human Body, sensors drive the Brain. The Cerebral Cortex is 95% driven by recpetors in the body. Our Brains are constantly processing information coming in. A by-product is that our health is greatly dependent upon stimulation of the Cerebral Cortex. If the Nervous System is not transmitting the correct messages then our health suffers. One of the many things a Kinesiologist does is make sure that the Nervous System is transmitting these messages properly by means of the muscle testing procedure that works like a bio-feeback system.

Kinesiology techniques stimulate receptors located throughout the body, which makes it a powerful tool to help maintain the health and integrity of the physical body. This is different from some other branches of alternative therapy that only give external substances to stimulate or sedate the body.

Another factor that affects our Nervous System is joint mobility. Joint mobility is generally dependent upon the muscles that attach around the joint. Kinesiology strengthens the muscles that attach around the joints and it also reduces hypertonicity of muscles and so increases mobility.

Another aspect of Kinesiology is Strengthening the body’s existing Immune System to restore health rather than looking for an external agent to help the Immune System.

When an external agent suppresses the body’s own Immune System and you continue to give the external agent, the body’s Immune System eventually stops responding to it. A problem in conventional medicine is antibiotic resistant bacteria. The medical establishment have to keep looking for newer and stronger antibiotics to do the job that the previous antibiotics no longer do.

Our approach in Kinesiology of receptor based alternative therapy is that we don’t have to worry about the body or external agents becoming Immune to the techniques we use. The alternative therapy work we do is extremely effective in restoring health, It’s also a very natural and gentle approach and it’s non-invasive.

In Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (The branch of Kinesiology I specialise in) we use what are called “finger modes”. One mode we use is called “priority mode” by using this mode at the beginning of a session it allows only that which is priority to work on with each client to come to the surface during a session. In short, Kinesiology works where the body needs it most, in a way that is most effective for each client.



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