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The Higher Self by Catherine Campbell

| Therapy Information | 09/07/2012

When you incarnate into an earth life, a part of us remains on the spirit level. This is known as our higher self. We can tune into this part of ourselves, for advice, guidance and protection whenever we need to.

Think of your higher self as a great star, you on earth, being a fragment of that star. When you want to tune into your higher self, visualise going up towards the great star blending with it. It is easy to see things clearly from your higher self. We can see other great stars around us, we know who they are and can speak to each other on a spiritual level.

There are no emotional entanglements on the spiritual level: no grudges, fears or needs, so we can converse within the context of the simple truthl. Any problems we are having on an earth level can be ironed out here, without fear or prejudice.

If you are having problems with someone on earth now, on a personal or indeed on a business level, go up to your higher self, See them also going to their higher self and talk the situation out, in the light.

We can do this with any difficult situation that might arise, when this is done the problems are then solved for us spiritually and physically.

If you are worried about the path you are on, a decision you need to make changes in your life, or even relationship problems.

Reach into your higher self for the remedy, on your own or with others. If you need extra protection or guidance, with any situation in your life, you can bring a part of you that is the light, to come down and help you with your problems in this life.
Actually without us realising it, our higher self is very much a part of us and with us in our daily lives.

Remember as children we were taught about conscience, knowing what was right or wrong, that is your higher self.

Becoming more aware of the spiritual aspect of ourselves helps us to live better lives, more honest and open lives.

Also knowing everyone else is also a part of that star, helps us to understand we are all one all part of the great star, the light, God.


Catherine Campbell Spiritual Healer/Teacher


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